Beko 53-BO-88 Fridge Freezer Flap

Beko 53-BO-88 Fridge Freezer Flap

  • Genuine quality replacement fast fridge freezer flap for your Beko fridge freezer
  • Great quality glass turntable for your Universal microwave
  • Suitable fitting for other Bekos parts
  • Easy to use
  • Strongly recommend that technical parts are fitted by a suitably qualified person with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply

Suitable for the following models- Beko CA6017S, CA6017W, CDA644S, CDA644W, CDA645FS, CDA645FS/1, CDA645FW, CDA645FW/1, CDA646S, CDA646W, CDA647FS/1, CDA647FW/1, CDA647S, CDA647W, CDA648FS/1, CDA648FW, CDA648FW/1, CDA648S, CDA650S, CDA650W, CDA650X, CDA653FB, CDA653FB/1, CDA653FS, CDA653FS/1, CDA653FW, CDA653FW/1, CDA653FX, CDA653FX/1, CDA658FS, CDA658FW, CDA659FS, CDA659FS/1, CDA659FW, CDA659FW/1

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