CANDY Washing Machine Lower Door Hinge

CANDY Washing Machine Lower Door Hinge

  • Genuine replacement lower door hinge for your Candy washing machine.
  • Manufacturer’s Code – 92784297

Suitable for the following models- Candy AC10M; AC10N; AC10W; AC16; AC18; AC18 (UK); AC20; AC30M; AC30N; AC30W; ALISE100TPX; AS108; AS108 (UK); CDB115-80; CDB134-SY; CI1022TPR; CI1033TPR; CI620TP; CI822TPR; CI833TP; CI834TP; CI835TP; CIN100T; CIN100TUK; CIN126TL-37S; CIN60T; CIN80T; CIW100T; CIW100TUK; CWB100-37S; CWB110-80; CWB120-37S; CWB80-37S; ICL100TR H/C; ICL60T; ICL80T; ICW101TR H/C; TURBO40/CM; TURBO40/CW

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