GENUINE CANDY Tumble Dryer Water Container 40006390

GENUINE CANDY Tumble Dryer Water Container 40006390

  • Genuine replacement water container for your Candy tumble dryer.
  • Manufacturer’s Code – 40006390

Suitable for the following models- Candy CC2 66-S, CC266-S, ECD 890-S, EVOC 570B-S, EVOC 580B-S, EVOC 581B-S, EVOC 581NB-S, EVOC 781B-S, EVOC 781NB-S, GCC 560NB-S, GCC 580B-47, GCC 580NB-47, GCC 580NC-80, GCC 590NB-80, GCC 591NB-80, GO C 218-80, GO C58F-80, GO CD57F-47, GO DC 18-37S, GO DC 28-12S, GO DC 36/1-47, GO DC 36-47, GO DC 36-86S, GO DC 38G/1-37S, GO DC 47F-47, GO DC 67/1-86S, GO DC 67-86S, GO DC 68G-47, GO DC 78/1-86S, GO DC18/1-37S, GO DC18-88S, GO DC38-86S, GO DC56F-47, GO DC57F-37S, GO DC58GF-12, GO DC68G/1-47, GO DC78G-86S, GOC 560B-UK, GOC 560C-47, GOC 560C-S, GOC 570 B, GOC 570B-S, GOC 580C-S, GOC 581B – UK, GOC 581B-S, GOC 58F-80N, GOC 58FB-80N, GOC 58FS-80N, GOC 591C-12, GOC 770C-47, GOC 781B-S, GOC 870B-47

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