Genuine Hoover Candy Tumble Dryer Drum Support Wheels X 2

Genuine Hoover Candy Tumble Dryer Drum Support Wheels X 2

  • Genuine replacement drum support wheel for your dishwasher.
  • This can fit dishwashers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • For a full list of models this part/accessory is suitable for click on “See more product details” and then click “See all product details”.
  • This is a genuine product from the original manufacturer.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


CC217-80 , CC217-88 , CC217-SY , CC266-S , CC266T-47 , CC267-37 , CC267-80 , CC267T-01S , CC267T-47 , CC267T-84 , CC267T-88 , CC276T-47 , CC277T-86S , CD6720-ISR , CDC165-83SY , CDC168-SY , CDC179X-88 , CDC263 , CDC263CH , CDC266UK , CDC266X , CDC266XCH , CDC267ESY, CDC268EX, CDC268TEX, CDC268TEXCH, CDC668-37, CDC668-47, CDC668-SY, CDC679X-SY, CDC679XT-88, CDC768-47, CDC779X-86SY, CDC779XT-88, CDC779XT-SY, CDE105-80, CDE107-80, CDV160-SY, CDV262, CDV262-04ARG, CDV262ES, CDV262UK, CDV265E, CDV265EX, CDV660-37**, CDV660-47**, CDV660-SY**, CDV671XSY**, CIC200UK, CIC200X**, CIC200XES**, CIC209TX**, CIC209X**, CIC209XCH**, CIC250EXEU**, CIC258E**, CIC259EX**, CIC259TEX**, CIC259TEXCH**, CIC60**, CIV100 ARG**, CIV100 EU**, CIV100 UK**, CIV100ES**, CIV100OS**, CIV109**, CIV109OS**, CIV130X EU**, CIV139X**, CIV139XC**, CIV140EXES**, CIV140EXEU**, CIV145E**, CIV149EX**, CIV14M**, CIV60**, CIVD14EX**, CV116-80**, CV116-SY**, CV117-04S**, CV117-OS**, CV166-37**, CV166-37/0**, CV166-47**, CV166-47/0**, CV166-S**, CV167-47**, GODC778-37**, GODC78-01S**, GODC78-88**, KT6EMAX**, ZW2V


CIC250EXES , HC75XT-47 , HDC60ECH , HDC60ESY , HDC6UK , HDC70XSY , HDC75TEXCH , HDC75TEXDE , HDC75TEXFR , HDC75TEXSY , HDC7FME , HDC7FMUK , HDC7UK , HDV60SY , HDV6UK , HDV70EXFR , HDV70XSY , HDV75EXDE , HDV7FMUK , HHD775X-80 , HHD775X-84**, HHD780X-30S**, HHD780X-47**, HNC160-80**, HNC170-80**, HNC170S-80**, HNC171X-SY**, HNC172-80**, HNC172S-80**, HNC175-80**, HNC175S-80**, HNC180-80**, HNC180-SY**, HNC180S-80**, HNC260-SY**, HNC270-80**, HNC271X**, HNC271XS-SY**, HNC360B-88**, HNC360S**, HNC375T-30S**, HNC375T-80**, HNC375T-84**, HNC375T-88**, HNC380-80**, HNC382T-80**, HNC470T-84**, HNC480-SY**, HNC485T-86**, HNC770T-80**, HNC771X-SY**, HNC771XT**, HNC771XT-84**, HNC771XT-SY**, HNC775T-80**, HNC780BT-84**, HNC780BT-88**, HNC780BT-SY**, HNC780T-47**, HNL9166Z-84**, HNV160-80**, HNV160-SY**, HNV171X-ISR**, HNV171X-SY**, HNV172-80**, HNV270-80**, HNV271X-89**, and many more

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