Genuine HOOVER Washing Machine DOOR HINGE 09201334

Genuine HOOVER Washing Machine DOOR HINGE 09201334

  • Genuine replacement door hinge kit for your Hoover washing machine.
  • Failing door hinges are a common fault on most home appliances. The washing machine door and washing machine hinges are easy to replace.
  • Dimensions: Length 148mm. Mounting holes 136mm apart. Pivot centre 25mm from casting.
  • Manufacturer’s Code – 09201334

Suitable for the following models- Hoover ACM110 01, ACM15, ACM16 UK, AL7 100SY, ASM160UK, CA231 03, CA232 UK, CA233 UK, CLD135-01, H127-47, H147-47, HF100E, HF110M, HF120E, HF130E, HF130E UK, HF140E, HF160E, HF160E UK, HF160I DE, HF7 12 IFR, HF7 14 IDE, HF7 14 IFR, HF7 16 ICE, HF7 16 IDE, HF7 16 INL, HF7 160EUK, HF7 16EDE, HF7 16ENL, HF7130MUK, HF7150MUK, HF716E-47, HF716IFR, HFM130MUK, HFM150MUK, HFM160 EUK, HI148, HI168, HIZ169-47, HP12J-80, HP13-80, HP14-80, HP14J-80, HP15J-80, HP16-80, HP16J-80, HP6 110M, HP6 120M, HP6 130M, HP6 150M, HPA135-80, HPA146-80, HPA166-80, HPB145-80, HPE236-80, HPF137, HPF167-80, HPL145-84, HPL146-84, HPM110, HPM120, HPM130, HPM150 UK, HPWD136-80, HPWD166-80, HSE120UK, HSE130M, HSE140UK, HSP16-80, HSPF157, HSPF167, HSW146-80, HSW150M80, HSW166S-80, HSWD126-80, HSWD146, HSWD166, HSWF147-80, HSWF167-80, HW120M UK, HW130M UK, HW160M UK, HW355-47, HW5213MUK, HW5513MUK, HW556-47, HW6313MUK, HW6316MUK, HWD120-80, HWD130J-80, HWF130MUK, HWF131MUK, HWF5513EF, HWF5516ECE, HWP12-80, PE235, PE235-80, PFA137-80, PFA167-80, PFW135-80, PFW137-80, PPA 136-80, PPA136S, PPA146-80, PPW126-80, PPW166-80, SE230 01, SE234-80, SE264-80

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