Kenley Slim Auto Electric Hand Dryer, 1800/ 2000 Watt, White

Kenley Slim Auto Electric Hand Dryer, 1800/ 2000 Watt, White

  • Ideal for public places, e.g. offices, cafes, hotels, schools.
  • Convenient to use and saves space in bathroom.
  • Modern design and rather slim.
  • Powerful air speed – 10 seconds drying time.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic.

Hygiene is of primary importance in commercial settings today and most customers prefer and expect a modern hand drying solutions. Give your customers the high-quality drying solution with the Kenley automatic hand dryer.

Don’t let your hand drying options give a false impression of your business. Kenley’s automatic hand dryers are clean, hygienic and easy to use. Simply place your hands underneath the automatic sensor, and the dryer springs into action. There’s no need to press a button, that’s another hygienic improvement.

Kenley’s hand dryers are powerful, yet they don’t sound as if a jet aircraft’s about to take off. They provide a fast spin of 2400 revolutions per minute, resulting in an average hand drying time of just 10-15 seconds.

Kenley hand dryers are hygienic, fast, and they look great too. Their classic white design will fit into any bathroom space. They have an ABS cover that is durable and easy to clean. If you need a hygienic hand cleaner that’s easy to install, and supremely reliable, then make the Kenley hand dryer your number one choice.

It’s perfect for high traffic areas and will suit offices, cafes and restaurants, leisure centers, schools and local authority buildings.

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