KitchenCraft Dial-Type Freezer / Fridge Thermometer

KitchenCraft Dial-Type Freezer / Fridge Thermometer

  • Keeping your fridge and freezer operating at the correct temperatures helps keep food fresh and save energy – so you save cash!
  • It’s easy to keep track of temperature with this thermometer. Just hang or stand it up in your appliance, and check the easy-read dial
  • Its simple design means it’s super-reliable. No fiddly buttons to press, and no expensive batteries to replace
  • Fridge or freezer issues? Don’t pay for a new one yet – check it with this handy tool and you can tweak the temp. until it’s just right
  • Twelve month guarantee

With this stylish stainless steel fridge and freezer thermometer there is the option to hang it inside the fridge or to let it free stand on the fridge or freezer shelf. The easy to read large dial measures temperatures from -30° to 30°Celsius, and -20° to 80°Fahrenheit and even includes colour coded ideal temperature zones for deep freeze, freezing, ideal storage, and warm. The acceptable temperature range for fridge storage is 2° to 4°Celsius or 35° to 40°Fahrenheit. Monitoring the temperature helps to keep food fresh and usable for longer.

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