2x Hi-SHOCK® BT Pro “Scarlet Heaven” | Smart active 3D glasses for all HD / 4K 3D TV ‘s by Sony®, Samsung®, Panasonic®, Sharp®, Toshiba®, Hisense® (2012-2018*) | compatible with SSG-51002 / TDG-BT500A / AN3DG35 / TY-ER3D5ME / FPT-AG04 / AG-S350 / FPS3D08 | incl. accessories + 3 years warranty [120 Hz | active shutter | rechargeable | 32g | Bluetooth | red metallic]

2x Hi-SHOCK® BT Pro

  • ✔ This high end 3D glasses provide one of the brightest solutions on the market due to its newly invented quickly reacting and extremely lucent LCD’s. Enjoy realistic depth mode and impressive HD resolution with a better brightness, sharpness & contrast as comparable products can provide. Your complete 3D experience will be improved. Hi-Shocks “uberglasses” – Optics, haptics and functionality in perfection.
  • ✔ Designed for optimal lense coverage even for spectacle wearers. With its special design choice of light and flexible materials this glasses are so comfortable that you almost don’t feel them on your skin. 32 grams of weight make this glasses as light as polarizing glasses. The rubbered SOFT COAT – side pieces ensure a safe and pleasant fitting.
  • ✔ The integrated high-performance battery with quick charge feature guarantees an unalloyed 3D experience for hours. One charge reaches up for 60 hours of permanent operation. The LED indicator shows current charging status. Intelligent switching circuits turn off the glasses after 5 minutes if they are unused.
  • ✔ Safety & quality: CE, FCC, ROHS, CB, REACH certified product. Attention! It’s obvious that some enterprises plagiarized many aspects of our devices, from design and shape of 3D glasses to electronic aspects as well. We do not accept any warranty claims for not licensed products. Kindly note, that application of inferior 3D glasses may influence the visual effect negatively or impair your well-being.
  • ✔ The creative fashion design of Hi-SHOCK Shutter 3D Glasses, represent the passion for life. Hi-SHOCK® accessories complement our product range ideally. From hard cases for safe storage of high-quality 3D glasses to replacements, adaptors & care products – Hi-SHOCK® is always the right choice.

Rechargeable Hi-Brightness/Hi-Contrast 3D glasses for Full HD 3D ready & 4k TV´s.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The glasses wont work with passive 3DTV´s! Just for active shutter technology.


SAMSUNG: all 2012-2018 3DTV’s

SHARP: all 2013-2018 3DTV’s

SONY: all 2013-2018 3DTV’s

PANASONIC: all 2012-2018 3DTV’s

TOSHIBA: all 2014-2018 3DTV’s

LG: 2011-2018 PLASMA 3DTV’s

HISENSE: works only on devices which can be used with the original glasses: FPS3D08


  • High contrast, high brightness
  • Most modern LCD-Shutter-Technology and Anti-Interference-Technology
  • fatigue-proof 3D
  • Huge LCD lenses (peripheral vision uninterrupted)
  • No synchronization loss or “flickering”, due to “zero-flickering”-technology
  • Scratch-proof coated LCDs
  • Auto-detect, auto-standby, auto-run, auto-off-functions
  • Elegant design
  • Low energy consumption
  • No color distortion
  • Extremely light, only 32 grams
  • Fitting flawlessly on prescription glasses
  • Appropriate for every age

Technical data
Weight: 32 grams
Frequency range: 120 Hz
Permeability: 38+/-2%
Contrast: 1200/1
Communication: via Bluetooth
LCD response time: 1.0 ms
Battery power in permanent operation: >= 60 hours
Charging time: 2 hours
Lifetime of battery: > 300 charging cycles

Scope of delivery
2x 3D glasses
2x USB charging cable
2x microfibre cloth
2x glasses pouch

Discount Price: £74.90
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