HG Service Engineer

HG Service Engineer

  • HG specializes in high quality cleaning, protection and beautification products for in and around the home
  • The HG range offers a solution for every cleaning problem around the home.
  • This product was developed in co-operation with specialised washing machine repair engineers, .
  • Prevents soiling of filters, floats, drain pipes and other inaccessible components from causing malfunctions in the machine.
  • Sealing rubbers remain elastic and waterproof, so that there is no risk of leakage and short circuiting.

If you thought nothing could be cleaner than a washing machine or dishwasher, then think again. During each wash, crucial components become coated with limescale, soap and dirt, which over time can lead to a loss of efficiency. Developed in conjunction with specialist repair companies, HG’s ‘virtual’ Service Engineer leaves the machine squeaky clean with a fresh scent, and costs much less than a callout! Simply pour into the soap tray, select the 60℃ setting, and leave the ‘professional’ to do the rest. For maximum benefit use every 3 months or so.

2 x 100ml bottles – enough for 2 treatments.

Discount Price: £4.45
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